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Director of Beijing Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Beijing as the capital has its unique advantages in the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine, and also shoulders important responsibilities. We will further promote the innovation and creation in the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, further cultivate the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine resources in the capital, and constantly improve the people's sense of access, happiness and safety to the health services of traditional Chinese medicine, to take unremitting efforts for a healthy China and a healthy Beijing. Meanwhile, we shall focus on the bright future of globalization of traditional Chinese medicine, adhere to the normalization, standardization and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, create favorable conditions for the inheritance and development of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the key works in expansion and opening-up experiment of service industry in Beijing comprehensively, promote the reform and opening-up development in the medical care and elderly care, promote the access system reform of nongovernmental hospital services, and promote the expanded access system of overseas medical care and elderly care, and carry out a pilot project for the establishment of Sino-foreign joint-venture cooperation non-profit medical institutions.

[Launching Ceremony of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Theme Day & the Fourth Overseas Chinese Traditional Medicine Conference on the afternoon of May 29]