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Special Topics

Nie Bao

Founder of GongWuCang


I have been engaged in business for years. What I want to talk about is the consumption stratification after its upgrading. As far as I'm concerned, the improvement and development of national quality need to solve three problems in the whole process of consumption upgrading, i.e. time limit, region and age, which shall be upgraded entirely regarding consumption. In fact, the fellows on the stage want to be a C terminal which solves one problem exclusively. All of us who face C terminal are handling the current functions and even some common demands behind them. For example, our company deals with life scenarios. What matters for consumers is indeed the cost effectiveness. The demands of consumers for some brands have changed, which changes the positioning of such brands correspondingly in different stages to cater for difference values of consumers.

[China International Fashion Summit Forum all day on May 30, 2019]