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Special Topics

Zhang Yong

China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute


The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics witnessed the initial utilization of 5G in the Olympic Games, but the 5G norms were not completely frozen then. Though the utilization of 5G was just exemplary then, it allowed us to see many application scenarios, including the experience of immersive 360° VR watching, IOT application and experiment of unmanned bus. As one of the Olympic Games sponsors, Alibaba also provided the application of ET brain. 5G will enter its commercial era in the coming XXIV Olympic Winter Games. It is expected that 8K, AR/VR and 3D holographic projection technology will be applied in the Olympic Games. The latest technologies such as robots, unmanned taxis, real-time translation, etc. will appear in the Olympic Games.

[International Sports Services Trade Development Conference all day on May 29, 2019]