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Zhao Lizong

Deputy Inspector of Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau


General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that we should make equal efforts to preserve our cultural heritage as we treasure our lives. It is five thousand years of cultural deposits that have made China prosperous and strong. The General Secretary's important speech on the protection of cultural heritage demonstrates the high realm and big picture of loving culture, protecting culture and reviving Chinese culture. This forum kicked off in such a context and marked the first parallel session of CIFTIS in the Palace Museum. This session will draw much attention as the globalization of Chinese culture and exchanges & mutual learning of world civilizations will be thoroughly discussed. It is hoped that experts and scholars can produce more outcomes and consensus. Especially, in the era of attaching importance to the preservation of cultural heritage and passing on excellent traditional culture, it holds great importance to push the value and culture in cultural heritage to a higher level and make new ways for integrated preservation and platform-based development of cultural heritage.

[The Palace Museum Forum of 2019 China International Fair for Trade in Services on the Morning of May 29]