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Experts & Officials

Du Haijiang

Secretary of Party Committee and Vice President of the Palace Museum


Five thousand years of civilization in China is an important part in the world civilization. It is of great significance to protect the cultural heritage of the Chinese Nation for the preservation of cultural diversity and the promotion of prosperity and development of world civilization in the era of globalization. We highlight both the protective heritage and innovative development, and thus the profound and rich cultural heritage of the Chinese Nation has gained vigorous vitality at present. The Palace Museum has been emphasizing the digital protection of cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage, which will be a very effective way for us to observe the protection of cultural heritages in the future. How promising will the digitalization in cultural industry be? It might be unpredictable for themselves. The significance and dilemma of digital protection will not only affect their own related scopes, but also affect culture, economy and more other fields inevitably.

[The Palace Museum Forum of 2019 China International Fair for Trade in Services on the Morning of May 29]