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Overseas Guests

Marlena Markovic

Second Secretary of the Embassy of The Republic of Serbia in the People's Republic of China


As we all see, China has achieved rapid development in the past few years, and is going to be one of the largest economies in the world. China's success can inspire more people, especially when we have the opportunity to influence national policies, to promote us to better shape the future through science and technology in more fields, and to employ these opportunities to carry out more cooperation with China and to build more science parks. Therefore, under the guidance of our development policies, such as "The Belt and Road" Initiative, we can work with China through this initiative through cooperation, make more use of some of our capabilities in the world and launch some common investments. Besides, we can garner more aid in realizing comprehensive and more people-to-people communication and cooperation in science and technology.

["Connect Global Intelligence, Create the Future" Future Metropolis Innovation and Development International Forum on the afternoon of May 29]