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Overseas Guests

Wu Hequan

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director of the National Expert Committee on Standardization


As we moved from the era of Internet, mobile Internet and Internet of Things, we now have ushered in a new era of information technology and big data, AI and cloud computing. In this new era, cloud computing, mobile Internet, 5G, Internet of Things, AI and big data have entered every aspect of our life. The powerful definition ability of software, network that is available and available everywhere, convenient broadband and intelligence deliver infinite possibilities for the future. This era has a lot of characteristics. As academician Mei Hong said, we are in an era of Internet+ from the perspective of infrastructure; from the perspective of computing mode, we are in an era of cloud computing; from the perspective of information resources, we are in an era of big data; from the perspective of information application, we are in an era of intelligence; and from the perspective of system function management, we are in an era of software definition. All these characteristics can come down to information technology.

["Connect Global Intelligence, Create the Future" Future Metropolis Innovation and Development International Forum on the afternoon of May 29]