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Experts & Officials

Wang Qiaomei

 Inspector of Maternal & Child Care Department of National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China


Health is the inevitable requirement for promoting the all-round development of people and the basic condition for the economic and social development. Finance is the bloodline of physical economy. Providing a powerful development driver to the health industry by the integration of finance and health care and promoting the full implementation of the strategy of Health China have become the major era subjects faced by the medical treatment and health and the health industry in China.

After finance empowers health care, we can give full play to finance's adjustment and allocation functions of the health industry resources; coordinate the relationship among government departments, health institutions, social market and people; form the joint force of health market and finance market; achieve the purpose of pluralistic development of health undertaking and health industry; optimize the allocation of health resources; and improve the social health benefits.

After finance empowers health care, we can effectively expand the financing channel of the health industry and the supply of high-quality medical resources, and vigorously promote the medical science and technology innovation, technical system innovation and service mode innovation. We can drive the comprehensive improvement of the ability and level of medical health services, provide people with more high-quality and efficient medical services, and meet people's increasing demands for a healthy and good life.


[Big Health and Financial Industry Summit on the afternoon of May 28]