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Special Topics

Pan Zhenzhou

Former Vice Minister of Ministry of Culture of the PRC and the First President of National Museum of China


I think that we should advance the protection of our cultural heritage with the help of the current integration of cultural tourism and the development of cultural and creative products. In this aspect, the Palace Museum where we work has set a good example in the cultural circle. In the past, people visited the Palace Museum to see the imperial palaces in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, which have a long history. However, with the efforts of several generations of staff in the Palace Museum, a series of cultural and creative products have been developed. Tourists and visitors come here to visit and buy cultural and creative products inspired by cultural relics of the Palace Museum. A series of products are derived from cultural relics collected by the museum through culture creativity. The practice does not mainly increase income, but expand the influence of the museum. Visitors come here to visit the Palace Museum, buy the products, and take them back. They will always remember this place. For example, the Palace Museum, reminds me of the Forbidden City, Chinese culture and Chinese cultural tradition.

      [Palace Museum Forum of 2019 China International Fair for Trade in Services on Morning of May 29]