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Special Topics

Li Ji

Former Executive Deputy President of the Palace Museum and President of Archaeological Research Institute of the Palace Museum


People think that archaeology is digging for treasure. We would like to refute the rumor. Archaeology mainly studies wrecked pots and pans. Someone criticizes that archaeology presents us things rather than people. Actually, to develop archaeology, we should see people and matters through things. For example, everyone knows Liangzhu Culture. This year, the Liangzhu site will apply for the list of world heritage on behalf of China, which is expected to succeed. If you want to visit the Liangzhu site, you should visit before it successfully applies for the list of world heritage. There are fewer people now. Jadeware and products in Liangzhu Culture are surprising, but their production mode, beliefs and technologies are the intangible cultural heritage which constitutes people's lifestyle and production mode in the ancient times. All such production and modes are related.

[Palace Museum Forum of 2019 China International Fair for Trade in Services on Morning of May 29]