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Shan Zhiguang

Director of State Information Center, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, and General Secretary of National Big Data Development Expert Consulting Committee


I believe that smart society is the content deepening, content extension and scope expansion of the construction of the new smart city, and shows the combination of smart city and rural revitalization. This is also the most fundamental requirement for promoting the urbanization development in China. I published two articles on the theory edition of People's Daily in January and December to talk about the development vision and basic understanding of smart society specially. In summary, the smart society is actually to promote the ubiquity of information network, informatization of standard management, intellectualization of infrastructure, inclusion of public facilities, refinement of social governance, digitalization of industrial development and scientization of government decision-making in the whole society with the new generation of information and communication technologies.


["Connect Global Intelligence, Create the Future" Future Metropolis Innovation and Development International Forum on the afternoon of May 29]