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How to improve the booth effect?

China International Fair for Trade in Service (CIFTIS) is a comprehensive exhibition service platform and online exhibition alliance platform, which integrates special exhibitions and comprehensive exhibitions such as cultural services, educational services, winter sports, tourism services, financial services, service robots, and 5G communication services. It provides a rich cultural and product exchange platform for Chinese and foreign merchants. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the current CIFTIS will integrate the form of both online and offline exhibitions. According to the impact of the epidemic, different measures will be taken for “online-based, offline-supplement”, “online-offline simultaneous exhibitions” or only online exhibitions. In a word, online exhibition has become an indispensable exhibition method as an Internet development demand. The CIFTIS provides a wide range of online booth functions for exhibitors. Each exhibitor can apply for a cloud booth in order to enrich exhibit information and display corporate image. Meanwhile, it can help exhibitors successfully retain and transform customers through cloud negotiation, cloud live broadcast, cloud conference and other product functions. The following suggestions are provided for you about how to enrich the booth effect and promote the conversion of the final transactions (including but not limited to overall planning, detail optimization, business opportunity management, precise translation):

1.   Overall planning

As a comprehensive international exhibition, the CIFTIS provides a rich communication and negotiation platform for the vast number of merchants. Exhibitors can make use of the platform’s advantages to focus on the cloud booth and conduct overall advertising, in order to further enhance the participation effect of enterprises.

Common questions: Can the cloud booth comprehensively display enterprise product information and achieve the enterprise's advertising targets? Will it cause one-sided understanding towards enterprises and products?

Suggestions: The CIFTIS cloud booth provides exhibitors with rich product functions, which can be directly linked to the company's official website. PC and APP sides provide different decoration templates, and exhibitors can choose according to their own needs. The booth and exhibits will be fully introduced and displayed through pictures and words. Intelligent customer service are provided to ease the pressure of manual communication service. The cloud booth also supports the short video display, and enterprises can make related products and corporate promotional videos to facilitate merchants to understand products and enterprises more intuitively.

2.   Detail optimization

The cloud booth is an online window for exhibitors to purchasers. Accurate introduction words, clear picture display, and high-quality video promotion are conducive to enhancing the overall effect of the booth. This requires exhibitors to strictly implement the decoration requirements of the booth.

Common questions: Booth information and product descriptions are incomplete; pictures are blurry and deformed; videos cannot be played; or the theme is unclear.

Suggestions: A detailed and complete description of the characteristics, parameters, attributes, and contact information of the booth products is required. The booth can be added with a company logo, which requires a white background or a transparent background, and the recommended size is 130*130 pixels. The size of the product image is controlled within 2M, and the recommended size is 600*600 pixels. High-definition video is uploaded according to the format supported by the booth. The duration is recommended between 15 seconds and 30 seconds, and it is recommended not to exceed 60 seconds. The video size is controlled within 150M. Bright and fresh rhythm facilitates transaction. The video content should highlight 1-2 core selling points of the product. The video picture should be clear and live demo is recommended.

3.   Business opportunity management

As a display stage for global high-quality innovation services, and the release window of International Trade in Services Policy and information, there will be tens of thousands of exhibitors from more than 100 countries and regions to participate in the negotiation and cooperation. As a result, how can exhibitors seize this unlimited business opportunity?

Suggestions: With a comprehensive plan for the cloud booth made by the exhibitors, high-quality corporate booth information and content will attract interested purchasers to browse the cloud booth. If the purchaser is interested, they will click on the collection bottom, and then the purchaser's information will appear in the “Business Opportunity Management'' column. Then, the purchaser's browsing times, staying time period and contact information will be displayed synchronously, so that the exhibitor can communicate with the purchaser in time.

4.   Precise translation

The booth including exhibits information will be provided in both Chinese and English versions, including but not limited to: exhibitors need to accurately translate the Chinese information of the exhibits into English, and add it again through the English background to facilitate foreign merchants to browse and purchase. Exhibitors with limited translation conditions can use professional translation software to assist in the release of English version and ultimately increase overseas transaction rates.

China International Fair for Trade in Service (CIFTIS) is an internationally comprehensive trading exhibition. Rich exhibit information can enhance communication and exchange with customers, enhance the exhibitor's brand image, and facilitate the final transaction with the purchasers.