Moutai Group and ZTE Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Promote the Construction of

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-09


  On July 21, Moutai Group and ZTE Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the Moutai International Hotel, based on which, the parties will actively cooperate in the construction of "Smart Moutai" and promote the transformation and upgrading of Moutai toward informatization.

  A Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed

  Gao Weidong, Party Secretary and Chairman of Moutai Group, and Li Zixue, Chairman and Executive Director of ZTE Corporation, attended the signing ceremony and delivered speeches. Li Jingren, Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of Moutai Group presided over the ceremony. Wang Li, Chief Engineer of Moutai Group, and Zhu Yongtao, Senior Vice President of ZTE Corporation, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the parties. Vice Presidents Lu Ping, Liu Jinlong, Liu Xianmin and Xu Zhicheng of ZTE Corporation attended the ceremony.

  Speech from Gao Weidong

  “Both ZTE and Moutai are companies with a sense of mission. ZTE has explored a unique path in technological innovation and enterprise development, which Moutai sincerely admires. Moutai has been adhering to the three lifelines of quality, safety and environmental friendliness in the development process, and committed to protecting the national brand and providing consumers with high-quality products. Moutai is willing to deepen cooperation with ZTE to jointly build a "Smart Moutai" by leveraging ZTE's advantages in an effort to lay a solid foundation for the transformation and upgrading of Moutai toward informatization and better escort the development of Moutai with scientific and technological strength,” said Gao Weidong.

  Speech from Li Zixue

  “ZTE is committed to being an enabler to promote industry improvement and value realization. ZTE will not only build a perfect 5G “information expressway", but also work with customers and operators to guarantee more stable, faster and safer operations on this expressway. Moutai has ensured consistent quality with the spirit of craftsmanship, which we respect. We both have a solid foundation for cooperation in the construction of "Smart Moutai" and its transformation and upgrading toward informatization, and the cooperation ahead will definitely prove to be a win-win result,” said Li Zixue.

  Relevant persons in charge of ZTE’s Guiyang Branch and Moutai Group’s Office and Information Center attended the ceremony.

  Source: Today Convergent Media Center of Moutai Group