Zhao Dachun of China Mobile: supporting innovative applications, the 5G private network represents a rigid demand in the context of industrial transformation and upgrading

Source:    |      Date:2020-07-31


  [C114, July 22 (By Jiujiu)] As the top priority of the new infrastructures, 5G has been deeply integrated with artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, edge computing and other technologies to accelerate the transformation of thousands of industries toward digitization, networking, and intellectualization, leading to a new era of digital economy.

  At the "Press Conference of China Mobile 5G Private Network Launching Plan" held this morning, Zhao Dachun, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile, said that as a leading information and communications company, China Mobile will exert all its capabilities to undertake the leader’s role in 5G network construction, promote the integration of 5G into all industries, and innovate in the provision of 5G services to the public, in an effort to accelerate the implementation of the "5G+" plan to promote high-quality economic and social development.

  Zhao Dachun introduced that since the beginning of this year, China Mobile has overcome the adverse impact of COVID-19, built up more than 140,000 5G base stations, provided 5G commercial services in more than 50 cities across the country, and developed more than 70 million 5G subscribers. In the vertical industries, focusing on 15 sub-sectors including smart factory, autonomous driving, and smart hospital, China Mobile has launched 100 group-level 5G leading demonstration projects and 1,000 provincial-level featured projects, and created various industry firsts together with partners.

  "5G private network is a key infrastructure for supporting various innovative applications, representing a rigid demand for the transformation and upgrading of thousands of industries." Zhao Dachun pointed out that explicit needs for private network have been raised more than 70% of the 100 group-level leading demonstration projects, which not only require the benefits of 5G network such as large bandwidth, low latency, and extensive connections, but also call for diversified network capabilities such as self-operation and maintenance, self-service, and self-development.

  In order to meet the needs of the industry and accelerate the conversion of its network capabilities into products and services, China Mobile held this "Press Conference of China Mobile 5G Private Network Launching Plan", and released a number of 5G private network capabilities such as edge computing, super uplink and network services based on three service models: preferential, exclusive and privileged, to break through blocking points, solve difficult points, and eliminate pain points in a targeted manner, and helping the application innovation in 5G vertical industries.

  Zhao Dachun introduced that with the extensive support of industry customers and the joint efforts of ecological partners, China Mobile has been increasingly breaking through technical bottlenecks and making certain progress in the productization of 5G private network. The three service models: premium, exclusive, and privileged have been implemented and verified in different sectors, which can help industry customers quickly build a customized private network that operates safely, reliably, and stably and provides visible services, to satisfy the needs of zero outflow of data, ultra-low latency, ultra-large bandwidth, etc., and create various operating scenarios including HD video backhauling and remote control.

  Currently, 5G private network has become the primary application in vertical industries and is creating new value for the vast number of subscribers. In the future, China Mobile will continue to utilize its own advantages, promote the conversion of its focus in network operation and maintenance model to business, create 5G private network products with excellent performance, controllable cost, flexible and agile adaptability, and provide industry customers with better 5G private network services.

  5G is created not only for operators, but also for thousands of industries. The quantitative development of vertical industries depends on the strong support of all sectors. "We will join hands with everyone to build a 5G private network community of friends with a more open attitude, strengthen close collaboration with equipment vendors, integrators, and solution providers, accelerate the innovation of 5G private network product solutions, the implementation of business models, the delivery of projects and the construction of an operating system, give full play to the leading role of 5G, promote the transformation of the industry toward digitalization, and create value and achieve win-win through cooperation. " said Zhao Dachun.