"2020 ICIE in Beijing" Series Activities

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-23


  I.     Background

  "ICIE in Beijing" is a special event jointly organized by the CCPIT Beijing and the Beijing Walking Association for the ICIE, and has been successfully held for four consecutive sessions since 2016. It organizes the general public to visit the main venue of the ICIE and selects 10 distinctive museums, art galleries, municipal traditional cultural villages, natural and historical scenery of cultural belts, and national cultural industry innovation and technology parks to let the general public understand the achievements of the construction of the Beijing cultural center, experience Beijing's rich cultural resources and cultural industry development fruits, as well as Beijing's "cultural charm" and "cultural beauty" during the visit.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in Beijing's inspection tours that it was necessary to "enhance cultural self-confidence", "carry out the protection, inheritance and utilization of the three cultural belts" and "boost the construction of Beijing as the national cultural center." This year marks the 600th anniversary of the Forbidden City and Central Axis. During the International Museum Day on May 18, Beijing officially proposed to build a "City of Museums". The construction of a city of museums is a new goal for the development of Beijing's cultural and museum undertakings under the new situation, and is also an important content and carrier for Beijing to promote the construction of a national cultural center.

  The 2020 China Beijing International Cultural Industry Expo (ICIE) will be held in early September in Beijing. As an important part of the 2020 CIFTIS, the ICIE will fully demonstrate the achievements of China's cultural industry development, especially the fruitful achievements that Beijing has made in the construction of the cultural center.

  Dongcheng District has abundant cultural resource advantages such as red culture, imperial city culture, folk culture, and drama culture. Dongcheng District actively promotes the construction of the core bearing area and concentrated exhibition area of the national cultural center, and promotes culture to become the core competitiveness of leading regional economic and social development, so as to realize the integration of traditional culture and modern civilization, and the historical context and the new trends of the times.

  On the basis of the successful experience of the previous four sessions, the series activities of "ICIE in Beijing" in 2020 will highlight the cultural construction of the service areas, actively innovate the form and content of the activities, and widely promote the "Cultural Dongcheng" to highlight and cultivate the cultural resources and cultural elements, and further promote the construction of the "Cultural Dongcheng". CCPIT Beijing, Publicity Department of CPC Beijing Dongcheng District Committee, Beijing Walking Association and other units will jointly hold the "ICIE in Beijing" series activities in September 2020.

  II.    Topic

  Cultural Creativity Enriches Human Life

  III.    Time

  September 2 to September 30, 2020

  IV.    Organization

  (I)    Hosts: CCPIT Beijing and Publicity Department of CPC Beijing Dongcheng District Committee

  (II)   Organizers: Beijing Walking Association, Dongcheng District Cultural Development and Promotion Center

  V.    Main Activities

  (I)    Select 10 representative cultural institutions in Dongcheng District as resource institutions for this "ICIE in Beijing", to mobilize the public to visit these units.

  (II)   Actively carry out the online activities of "ICIE in Beijing".

  Relying on the WeChat official account and other new media and apps of CCPIT Beijing, Beijing-China, Beijing Headlines, and Beijing Walking Association, we will produce and release the "ICIE Footprints" guide to further publicize and promote the resource units for previous "ICIE in Beijing" activities, and provide more services for the general public to visit the ICIE online.

  (III)  Actively carry out the mobile phone photography competition with the theme of “Discover the Charm of Beijing in ICIE”.

  Focusing on the theme of construction of the Cultural Dongcheng, and the 600th anniversary of the Forbidden City and the Central Axis, participants can upload their works through the WeChat Official Account "Daily Walking" public account. This competition will select 100 winners who will receive the souvenirs for the "ICIE in Beijing" series activities.