600+ Enterprises and Institutions to Participate in the Cultural Services Thematic Exhibition of the CIFTIS

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-23


  On August 14, the Organizing Committee of the CIFTIS and the Information Office of Beijing Municipality jointly held a press conference, revealing that, so far more than 600 cultural enterprises and institutions from the United States, UK, Germany, France and other countries have confirmed to participate in the Cultural Services Thematic Exhibition of the 2020 CIFTIS. Nine Fortune 500 enterprises and more than 100 industry leaders are included. In addition, more than 1,100 cultural enterprises have registered online for the "Cloud ICIE”, and more than 2,100 cultural products have been uploaded to the cloud.

  Nowadays, cultural industry has become a major engine for the high-quality development of Beijing's economy and an important part of the construction of the national cultural center. With the theme of "Cultural Creativity Enriches Human Life", this thematic exhibition will be organized in the sections of "culture + products & services", "culture + trade", "culture + international communication", "culture + finance", "culture + tourism" and "culture + sports", promoting development with the power of culture, and benefiting the society with the fruits of cultural reform and development.

  A “six in one” offline platform integrating comprehensive activities, exhibition and display, promotion and transaction, forum and conference, creative activities and sub-venues, and a “Cloud ICIE” digital platform have been built to promote a number of outstanding cultural enterprises and projects, so as to facilitate the matchmaking of cultural industry and capital. For example, 7 conferences and forums including the China Cultural Industry Development Summit Forum and the China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum will be held to provide intellectual support for the high-quality development of the cultural industry; 3 creative activities including the "Gongmei Cup" Beijing Arts and Crafts Innovation Design Competition and the Final of the Cultural and Creative Competition will be organized to create a favorable atmosphere for the development of urban cultural innovation; 3 sub-venues including Beijing·China Art International Fair and physical bookstore will be set up to carry out online and offline activities such as auction, new book promotion, and live book recommendation.

  The offline exhibition consists of 4 major sections: comprehensive display, integrated development, characteristic culture, and cultural exchange, with a total of 12 exhibition areas. Located in the Comprehensive Exhibition Area of the CIFTIS, the main exhibition area fully demonstrates the overall framework of "one core, one city, three belts and two zones" and the basic pattern of "four cultures" in the construction of the national cultural center, focusing on the display of the new technologies, new products and new applications of Fortune 500 cultural enterprises including China Mobile’s Migu, Alibaba Entertainment, and Sony and other industry leaders such as China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation, Perfect World, iQiyi, Penguin Random House, Universal Studios. Here, visitors can snag a sneak peek of the latest technological achievements that reflect the development of the cultural industry, such as 5G+8K, AI, and big data. For example, the "Five new methods " launched by China Mobile Migu create a full-scenario immersive experience for individual customers in the 5G era from the angles of watching, listening, playing, shooting, and using. Another example is the digital video "The Grand Canal Across Time and Space" exhibited by the Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, which innovatively uses a 3×20m ultra-wide giant screen to present the ancient and modern features of the Tongzhou Canal section in Beijing as the core, restoring the busy scene of Tongzhou water transport in the Ming Dynasty, and fully showing the contemporary features of Beijing Municipal Administrative Center based on the hand-painted encyclopedia-style panoramic picture scroll.

  The Media Convergence Exhibition Area gathers full-process media, holographic media, full-staff media, and full-effect media to show the integrative development of traditional media and emerging media.

  A "Cloud ICIE" digital platform will be set up

  The Cultural Industry Park Exhibition Area focuses on the development achievements of Beijing’s cultural industry parks and related content of the integrated cultural-financial development. At present, 15 parks including the National Base for International Cultural Trade (Beijing) have confirmed to take a part; in the Cultural and Creative Products Exhibition Area, various cultural and creative products and projects such as fine arts and crafts, award-winning works of cultural and creative competitions and outstanding cultural and creative works of the youth of Beijing will be displayed. Now 156 enterprises and institutions including Beijing Gongmei Group, Tiantan Park, China Science and Technology Museum will make attendance; each district’s exhibition area will promote and display the characteristics of their cultural industry development in Beijing. At present, 129 enterprises including Kaixinmahua have agreed to participate in the exhibition; the embassies and business associations of countries along the "Belt and Road" are invited to carry out cultural promotions and exhibitions at the Characteristic Cultural Exhibition Area. By now, the embassies of Greece, Belgium, Ethiopia, Pakistan and other countries in China have confirmed to participate in the event; the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cultural Cooperative Development Exhibition Area will focus on the achievements of the coordinated development of artistic creation, cultural creativity, and cultural tourism in the three places. 15 enterprises including Scenery Culture will make presence in this area. In the cultural industry exhibition area for provinces, regions and cities, the development achievements of their characteristic cultural enterprises, cultural products and services will be displayed. Outstanding cultural enterprises from Jilin Province, Shenzhen City and other provinces, regions and cities will take part in the exhibition as an exhibitor.

  In the context of routine epidemic prevention and control, the "Cloud ICIE" digital platform of the Cultural Services Thematic Exhibition can provide one-stop registration and management, exhibition and display, online service, content review and other functions. Among them, the online service function is capable of completing the precise demand matchmaking for exhibitors through online scene services, video interaction and big data analysis, and providing business services such as online forum, round table, live video, project promotion, business negotiation, and digital signing, so that the goal of online project negotiation and accurate promotion can be reached.

  Source: Beijing Evening News  By: Li Yang