2020 Beijing International Music & Hifi Show

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-23


  In the face of the sudden epidemic, all walks of life have taken various measures to gradually resume work and production and gradually restore the order of production and life. However, as the world's epidemic spreads, we may face repeated outbreaks of the epidemic in 2020. Considering the worst-case scenario, the global epidemic is still in the recurring period from August to September, which may seriously affect the pace of resumption of work and production in all walks of life.

  As a platform of the industry, Beijing International Music & Hifi Show (BAE) has always been adhering to the concept of serving the industry and users. In response to the uncertainties that may be brought about by the development of the COVID-19, the Organizing Committee takes the lead to launch the Online Music & Hifi Show under the Beijing International Music & Hifi Show, so as to broaden the industry channels and enhance industry windows, thus better serving the industry and users.

  The Beijing International Music & Hifi Show has been successfully held for more than 20 sessions. It is a prestigious brand exhibition in the same industry across the country, and an authoritative event in the eyes of consumers. With the rapid development of science and technology, new enterprises and new equipment are constantly emerging, and people's expectations and thoughts are also constantly changing.

  In this context, the Online Music & Hifi Show provides an opportunity for stimulating consumption and allows consumers to better understand elegant music and high-end audio equipment (Note: The main goal is to attract traffic and serve brands, channels, audiences, and all related parties, so as to make all parties complete online matchmaking, interaction, learning and communication, deepen understanding, and enhance trust). This form of activity will inspire people to be willing to introduce each other. This is a very good attempt for our organizing committee to continue to enrich the content of the incoming and prepare well for the next exhibition. This not only cultivates virtually the cohesion of the customer groups, but also enhances the exhibitors' confidence in participating in the exhibition. In addition, it also accumulates the continuous innovation of the exhibition model for the Beijing Organizing Committee and the publicity effect to meet the needs of consumers.

  The Audio Industry Development Trend Forum gathers industry authoritative experts, industry leaders and opinion leaders, and combines with keynote speeches and seminars of representatives from the upstream and downstream of the audio industry chain, so as to jointly discuss innovative development models under the epidemic and actively respond to the impact of the epidemic, thus enhancing industry confidence and flying against the wind under the impact of the epidemic.