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World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo

World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo

  World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo, co-organized by Beijing Olympic City Development Association  and International Data Group  , is a professional and authorative international exposition focusing specifically on winter sports. It aims to introduce the knowledge of winter sports to Chinese and promote the project of “engaging 300 million people on the ice and snow” to popularize the winter sports activities in China. The World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo has been held annually since 2016 in Beijing, China. It is on its way to become the largest world-leading exposition of winter sports.


Introduction of WWSE



Introduction of WWSE

  Continuing the theme of “The Power of Ice and Snow”, the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo 2020 (“WWSE 2020”) will cover theme forum, exhibition and display, industry matchmaking, key activities, and other forms of activities. Adhering to the “international, market-oriented, and professional” mode as always, the WWSE 2020 will focus on the preparations of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 and, based on this opportunity and the aim of “achieving the connection with international winter sports resources and driving the development of winter sports industry in China”, it will highlight the significance of the winter sports industry in modern global trade in services and promote the integrated development of international sports, science and technology, cultural tourism and health industries. More than 20 international forums and industry conferences, multiple business talks and transactions, and other supporting activities will be held in the same period. More than 260 guest speakers will be invited to participate, more than 500 online and offline brands are expected to exhibit, of which 50% will be international brands, nearly 25,000 professional visitors will participate in business talks, 200,000 visitors will be attracted, and more than 600 media will follow up the whole process.

  The WWSE 2020 will set up exhibition areas in the China National Convention Center and around the Linglong Tower. Among them, the Hall E1-E2 of the China National Convention Center will be the core exhibition area, which will focus on the Winter Olympic theme, ice and snow powers, international organizations of winter sports, and the world’s leading brands. The core exhibition area highlights the exhibition area of Winter Olympic theme and ice and snow trade in services. The ice and snow industry will be presented to the audience directly through on-site product demonstrations and interactive experiences of ice and snow venues/technical overall solutions, security measures of ice and snow sports competitions, and ice and snow high-tech services. In particular, the sectors of Sci-Tech Olympic Winter Games and ice and snow technology have been newly added to promote the development of China’s ice and snow industry with scientific and technological innovation and fully assist the Beijing Olympic Winter Games. The exhibition area has been divided for Winter Olympic theme, International Famous Brands of Ice and Snow and International Organizations, International Ice and Snow Service Trade, Ice and Snow Science and Technology, and Ice and Snow Equipment.

  The Hall 18-20 of the Linglong Tower mainly shows the culture, training, clothing and equipment, and tourist destinations about ice and snow, ice and snow characteristics of provinces and cities, and public ice and snow sports, bringing audiences comprehensive display and rich experience of international winter sports, and promoting the popularity of winter sports. It is planned that the exhibition area includes Winter Olympic Theme, Ski Resort Operation and Venue Construction, Outdoor Equipment, Indoor Ice and Snow Science and Technology, Winter Tourism Destinations and Provincial and Municipal Groups, Ice and Snow Culture Training, Ice and Snow Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Sports Rehabilitation and Protection, Ice and Snow Carnival, and Ice and Snow Media Alliance.

  The theme forums of the WWSE are divided into a main forum and more than ten parallel forums. At that time, 260 guests from more than 20 countries and regions will be invited to be speakers, including politicians of the world’s major ice and snow countries, chairmen from seven international sports federations, officials from the International Olympic Committee, executives of global brands in winter sports, experts from ice and snow industry, investment institutions, etc., together with domestic government leaders, industry experts, and industry elites in the fields of sports, education, tourism, and investment. Among them, more than half of the forum speakers are from overseas. In combination with the global epidemic prevention and control, the response strategy and development of the ice and snow industry will be analyzed and judged under the situation where the fight against the epidemic has become normal. The three-day forum will carry out exchanges on topics focusing on the industry trends of international winter sports, ice and snow popularization among youth, the Sci-Tech Olympic Winter Games, Olympic city development, ice and snow innovation and entrepreneurship, ice and snow equipment industry, ice hockey development in China, ice and snow education, operation and management of snow field, venue facilities and building and ice and snow tourism development.

  In order to further promote the docking and the implementation of projects of domestic and foreign ice and snow industries, the WWSE organizes a series of activities related to the exhibition, such as industry docking services, industry research, ice and snow salons, industry selection, experience sharing of industry experts, and innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, which include the release of research reports on the ice and snow industry, the Ice and Snow Industry Conference, the interview column of “Opinion of Leading Figures in the Ice and Snow Industry”, and the Start-Up Contest in Ice and Snow Industry. The WWSE has set a wealth of activities on site, including the Release Conference of Global Ice and Snow Industry Alliance, Release Conference of New Products, Ice and Snow Fashion Show, Popular Ice and Snow Experience, Global Ice and Snow Think Tank Seminars, Special Promotion Meetings, Project Signing Ceremonies and other activities.


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