2020 MIC Beijing “Sports Science and Technology, Competition for Ice and Snow Entrepreneurship” Roadshow Registration Well Underway

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-25


The pandemic has hugely impacted the sports industry in the first half of 2020 and is accelerating the reshuffle of the industry. With the pandemic stabilizing, the development of the sports industry and the wave of innovation in the second half of the year will bring new business opportunities and challenges to the winter sports industry and the sports science and technology industry.

How to tell more accurately the development directions of enterprises in the second half of the year in the post-pandemic era? How to focus on the upcoming snow season? How to get more enterprises into the public eye, improve the survival status of the sports industry, and seize the current opportunities faster and more accurately?

The answer is to participate in the IDG brand entrepreneurial activity—World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo 2020 – 2020 MIC Beijing “Sports Science and Technology, Competition for Ice and Snow Entrepreneurship”!

        This activity, hosted by Beijing Olympic City Development Association and International Data Group and organized by Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Center and IDG World Expo China Co., Ltd., will take place in China National Convention Center in early September. Partners in areas of culture and sports from major institutions in China will be invited to serve as jury members to select outstanding startups in areas relating to the sports industry and winter sports industry, such as sports science and technology, snow and ice technology, sports and winter sports equipment, snow parks and tourist destinations, winter sports tourism and culture, sports event promotion, ice and snow AR/VR, sports and outdoors, and sports rehabilitation. Those startups will be centrally showcased during the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo (WWSE). This activity is expected to serve as a platform to discover excellent innovative projects in sports and ice and snow areas and help enterprises quickly and efficiently achieve connection with capital and communication with the industry’s specialized enterprises.

Furthermore, the Global Mobile Internet Creative Development Competition will not only serve as a platform for developers to communicate with industry gurus, experts, and scholars but also a world stage for researching industry technologies and promoting the mutual integration and communication of industries in the future. It will greatly promote the mobile internet development, mass innovation and entrepreneurship, and social and economic development. In the future, Chinese enterprises in the winter sports industry will lead the world trend and become strong performers in global internet innovation and entrepreneurship.

This international innovation and entrepreneurship competition, which combines internet technology and internet-based ice and snow sports entrepreneurship, will not only organically connect entrepreneurial teams, startups, and investment institutions but also truly realize the effective connection with capital and turn achievement transformation into reality!