Award Selection | The Selection of the Three Awards of the WWSE 2020 Officially Kicked Off!

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-26


About the awards

Hosting the World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo (WWSE) was a solemn commitment made by Beijing to the international community at the time of bidding for the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. With the approaching of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, the preparations thereof have been in full swing, and China’s winter sports industry is also growing under the Winter Olympics opportunity. With the continuous advancement of the “southward and westward expansion” of winter sports, regions for ice and snow activities have continued to expand, the number of ice and snow enterprises has rapidly increased, the types of winter sports industry have become increasingly varied, the scope of people covered has gradually expanded, and the enthusiasm of the masses for participating in winter sports has continued to grow.

Bearing the mission of innovating the winter sports industry, the WWSE 2020 will coordinate and connect with practitioners of the winter sports industry to help buyers choose truly outstanding products and will select three awards, i.e., “Innovative Product Award”, “Top Design Award”, and “Most Popular Award” of the winter sports industry in 2020. This selection will specifically cover five segments of the industry market, i.e., “winter sports equipment”, “winter and alpine technology”, “indoor ice and snow technology”, “outdoor and winter equipment”, and “ice and snow science and technology”, to dig deeply outstanding products of the winter sports industry, establish industry product benchmarks, and enhance enterprise brand images.


The activity will select innovative, uniquely designed and most popular outstanding products of the winter sports industry after votes and comments by tens of thousands of professional buyer’s and rounds of reviews by a professional jury, to advocate and promote the pursuit of innovation and drive the development of the winter sports industry. As a professional, authoritative and international platform, more than 20 famous media will be invited to participate in this activity of the WWSE to report on the award-winning exhibitors, draw the market’s high attention to this event of the winter sports industry, and provide an opportunity for enhancing the popularity, visibility and influence of excellent products.

Guided by “professional buyers and media”, this selection of the WWSE 2020 will use methods including expert review and online selection to ensure the selection of outstanding products, promote enterprise image building, and improve enterprises’ sense of social responsibility, thus driving the prosperity and flourishing of the winter sports industry.

Purpose of selection

Root the power of products in enterprise development strategies, to achieve the product dream of enterprises!

Dig excellent products in the winter sports industry to establish industry product benchmarks!

Manifest product value and show product charm.


Innovative Product Award: 8

Top Design Award: 8

Most Popular Award: 10

Reward mechanism

The media will mention names of award-winning exhibitors when they report on the WWSE

For enterprises selected to win one of the three awards,

they will enjoy the following benefits:

1) Trophies awarded by the hosts on site;

2) Introducing and promoting award-winning products or designs at the award presentation ceremony

(Five-minute promotion for each of those winning the Innovative Product Award/Top Design Award on the public stage)