Exhibition Scope

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-21


  Exhibition Scope

  Olympics cultural presentation, Olympics city establishment, Hi-tech winter Olympics presentation;

  International sports organization, national pavilion, sports bureaus and tourism bureaus of all countries;

  Domestic provincial and municipal pavilions, domestic sports bureaus, tourism bureaus and education bureaus and other public institutions;

  Winter sports destinations, ski resorts, resorts, training centers, domestic and overseas large ice arena, ice and snow characteristic towns, winter tourism destinations, ecological parks, etc.

  Global winter sportswear, appliances and equipment manufacturers, outdoor sports equipment and wearable equipment suppliers, etc.

  Sports training software supplier, electronic games and training simulation equipment;

  Global winter sports competition organization, events and winter sports club;

  Winter sports infrastructure establishment related facilities enterprises and public institutions, ice sports facilities and winter sports facilities operation, planning and service agencies;

  Winter sports education, training and market analysis organizations;

  Winter sports investment organizations and finance service providers;

  Professional media, publishers and communication contents suppliers;

  Traditional sponsors for winter Olympics and marketing services organizations.