The Exhibition of Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-04


  Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, attached to the Ministry of Education (hereinafter referred to as the "Center"), will hold a release ceremony for the website "Study in China" ( at the CIFTIS.

  The upgraded website will be launched soon as a brand of "Study in China", so as to enhance the international competitiveness of China’s education. It offers authoritative information for domestic universities and colleges and international students. The bilingual (Chinese and English) website adopts an international style. It is designed for international students and domestic universities and colleges, and the contents include Chinese education survey, policy notifications, news, introductions of Chinese universities and colleges, courses and enrollment information of domestic institutions. For international students, the website provides a wide range of online services from studying abroad information, applying, studying in China, campus life and internship, employment, etc. "Study in China" will be an integrated platform of information, publicity, service, big data, and new media. By integrating online and offline, it will become a national brand of “Studying in China” that provides services for international students who will apply for studying in China.