Liu Limin

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-14


  He is currently the president of the China Education Association for International Exchange, the executive vice president of the Western Returned Scholars Association, the president of the Branch of International Students in Russia, and a member of the 13th National Committee of CPPCC(Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference).

  He had successively served as a teacher of Dalian University of Foreign Languages and the Russian Department of Capital Normal University(CNU), the Dean of CNU’s Foreign Languages College, the Vice President and Secretary of the Party Committee of CNU, the Deputy Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Education Party Committee, the Director of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Beijing Education Supervision Office, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and Chief National Inspector of Schools.

  He is a professor and doctoral advisor, with an associate doctorate in literature from the Moscow Pushkin State Russian Language Institute. He is a well-known scholar in Russian language and literature in China, awarded the honorary doctorate of Moscow State Linguistic University and J. F. Oberlin University in Japan. He once served as the President of the Association of Chinese Teachers of Russian Language and Literature, the Vice president and Secretary General of the World Russian Society, and the First Vice Chairman of the Russian International Study Federation. He has been awarded the Russian Federation State Medal of Friendship and the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Gold Medal by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and received the Russian Language and Literature Award--Pushkin Medal. In 2019, he was named the "The Top Ten Outstanding Figures in the Field of Sino-Russian Cultural Exchanges".