Introduction of Belt and Road International Student Summer Camp for Science and Technology Innovation Training

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-03


  “Belt and Road Student Summer Camp-Beijing”, hosted by Beijing Municipal Education Commission and organized by Beijing International Education Exchange Center and Beijing Institute of Technology, is designed to serve the construction of “Four Centers” in Beijing through the educational exchange and cooperation between universities in Beijing and those along the Belt and Road countries. It is also a “showcase” of higher education of Beijing and an event for communication among college students from China and abroad to enhance mutual understanding. Two summer camp of this kind have been held since 2018, joined by nearly 300 teachers and students from 21 prestigious universities from all over the worldsuch as Warsaw University of Technology, Belarusian National Technical University, Beijing Institute of Technology and Beijing University of Technology. Now, the summer camp has proved to be a brand for promoting the exchange between the youth in Beijing and that from Belt and Road countries.