Innovative Education Products Exhibited at CIFTIS

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-13


  According to Beijing Business Today, the year of 2020 witnesses the vigorous development of online education with plenty of online education companies emerging to actively explore innovative course models and development paths. As one of the eight thematic exhibitions of 2020 CIFTIS, “Education Services” is showing innovative and technological features. On August 11, Beijing Business Today reporters came to the exhibition booths of ZuoYeBang and YuanFuDao, two educational companies, experiencing their advanced technologies which will be displayed on CIFTIS. With the ongoing technological iteration and AI innovation in online education industry, the whole education industry has set a goal for the benefits for more people with more advanced AI technology.

  Innovative Education Products

  Some leading online education companies are preparing for the exhibitions at CIFTIS. It is reported that YuanFuDao and ZuoYeBang have received a huge amount of financing this year and will bring many innovative education products for CIFTIS.

  It was reported that ZuoYeBang, set up in 2015, is committed to provide education benefits for more people and tackle the potential problems in education section. YuanFuDao also has many online education products for those from preschool kids to high school students.

  ZuoYeBang actively takes the opportunity of the national strategy for “new infrastructure”, promoting the education inclusiveness and balance through technology. According to Su Jing, the vice President of ZuoYeBang, three products will be displayed at CIFTIS: full set of solutions for live-streaming lessons, visualization platform of learning data and intelligent printer. Among them, the live-streaming lessons show not only the real scene of online teaching, but also how the educational technological companies drive online teaching and learning with the help of self-developed technologies, platforms and services.


  Su Jing told the Beijing Business Today, “ has provided a complete operating system for live classes at CIFTIS. It will demonstrate the teaching process of a live class, and reveal how to make a live class happen. Some of the innovative technology will also be applied. We hope to show the world the live broadcast technology we have and how we operate the system in an all-round way.”

  Besides the technology demonstration, will share the data of current learning situation of Chinese primary and secondary school students. “Currently, about 170 million users keep online on a monthly basis. About 50 million users are active every day. Through big data, we can let everyone and the other educational enterprises understand the current learning situation of primary and secondary school students in China.” Su Jing said.

  In this exhibition, Yuanfudao will demonstrate the cutting-edge research achievements of AI technology to the public. It hopes to leverage more possibilities on innovation through technical exchange, so as to promote the common progress of the whole industry. In the interactive exhibition area, visitors can experience the teaching process of Zebra AI class and other Yuanfudao products in person.

  For a More Precise AI

  “Unlock your mobile phone or tablet computer, and take photos of the topic with the Xiaoyuan search app, the answer and detail analysis will be loaded in merely one second. The Yuantiku app can help to diagnose your deficiency or problems of your learning in real time with the help of big data, and send you appropriate exercise questions or items. In this way aimless practicing can be avoided. In the Yuanfudao online tutoring app, a huge data base of ten billion of learning behaviors is fed back to the teaching process, providing each and every student with an exclusive learning situation report. In this way, you can make a personalized plan to improve you study.” These educational technology products are changing the learning habits of primary and secondary school students and the service process of educational and training institutions as well.


  Online education industry is exploring the new development of “individualizing student’s learning” by Internet, AI, big data and other technologies. New technologies and new modes bring new development. "Online education is an evolution of the education." When asked about the explosive growth of the industry, Ren Zixin, vice president of online education public affairs of Yuanfudao, said that, “The popularity of mobile Internet has paved the way for online education, while the development of live broadcasting and AI technology has made it possible and more convenient. The generation of post-80s and 90s are gradually becoming parents, who will be easier to accept online education.”

  As the first online education company to set up an AI research institute, YuanFuDao has always attached importance to the development and application of technology. Up to now, Yuanfudao has shared more than 5 self-developed technologies, and its research proposal has been appointed as National Key Project of Ministry of Education of China during the “13th Five-Year Plan”, making it the first online education company selected to hold National Key Project.

  At the same time, Cocos courseware technology for primary school mathematics developed by ZuoYeBang will also make it debut in CIFTIS, highlighting achievements in AI , big data and other cutting-edge technology in “intelligent teaching”. It is reported that, with support of database with 250 million questions and industry-leading technologies like OCR text recognition, speech recognition and semantic recognition, ZuoYeBang has a full set of educational technology solutions including AI, big data and live streaming class.

  It is noteworthy that with the development of national "Three Links, Two Platforms" project, the campus information infrastructure is constantly improved. A large number of leading online education companies, with unique advantages in big data, artificial intelligence and other aspects, are expected to support, to a large extent,  the public school education.

  Technology for Inclusive Education

  In response to the call of “suspended classes without suspended learning” during the epidemic, online education companies launched free live online platforms to enable primary and secondary school students across the country to take classes online.

  Besides, parents and teachers can have access to every student’s performance through ZuoYeBang’s reports on visualized data platforms, which can help teachers to monitor students’ aptitude and enhance education benifits. According to the relevant data, 70% of ZuoYeBang users and more than 50% online class students are from third and forth-tier cities and rural areas, including deeply impoverished areas.

  Technology has not only changed our lives but also the traditional education industry. From the viewpoint of Yu Jinyong, the investment and managing partner of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, the application of technology can be divided into different sectors, such as enrollment, teaching, and teaching research. "In the enrollment sector, we use technology to conduct big-data-based marketing, precise delivery and obtain potential customers. In addition, many enterprises also start to conduct the operation of private domain network flow. In terms of teaching, enterprises can make full use of technology platforms such as SAAS, and online teaching, etc, all of which provide new communication channels and teaching platforms for education." In the past, due to the lack of technology, the teaching contents are built manually by the teaching and research teams, the real-time update speed was relatively slow and the update contents were relatively fixed. " The new technology in online education can help update contents in real time, the amount of data can add up to an unlimited volume "

  Driving educational innovation by technology to achieve the ultimate mission of inclusive education is gradually becoming the consensus in the whole industry. Su Jing pointed out that the advantage of online education is that it can benefit more people. In fact, the whole teaching and training system never lacks excellent teachers and high-quality education resources, instead, it lacks the convenient channels to enlarge, transfer and dispatch these resources. Education industry insiders pointed out that with the in-depth participation of AI, 5G, big data, blockchain, VR/AR, 8K and other frontier technologies, the future education will be fully online and digital.

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