New Oriental Education & Technology Group

Source:    |      Date:2020-09-02


  New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc. is a comprehensive educational company in China. Driven by technology, it pays great attention to the all-round growth of students.

  Incorporated in 1993 as Beijing New Oriental School, the company has set up development platforms with multiple systems, including short-term training, elementary education, cultural transmission, consulting service, sci-tech industry and venture capital ecosystem. The subsidiaries of New Oriental include New Oriental Primary and Secondary School Education, New Oriental Koolearn (includes college test preparation and overseas test preparation), New Oriental Vision Overseas, New Oriental Global Study Tour, New Oriental Stars, New Oriental Dogwood and New Oriental Academy.

  As the most recognized private educational institution in China, New Oriental was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the United States in 2006. By February 2020, New Oriental has built 99 schools, 12 book stores, and 1,416 learning centers in 86 cities in China. It has over 38,400 teachers and has enrolled 52.8 million students.