Tencent Education

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-31


  Tencent Education is an education brand under Tencent Holdings Ltd. “Technology Plus Education” is at the core of Tencent’s education business. Tencent Education sets connection, content and social responsibility as its starting points, achieve fair, personalized and intelligent education as its goal, provides a suite of smart services and products, including campus connectivity, teaching and tutoring, research and school management. These products are currently available to individuals including educational administrators and institutions including schools and colleges.

  Tencent Education will mainly display the following products:

  1. Smart Campus, a Mini Program that runs on the WeChat and WeCom platform;
  2. online education platforms, represented by Tencent Class, bj.campus.qq and Tencent Meeting;
  3. education and teaching applications, such as Smart Pen and Tencent Scoring, aiming for precision teaching;
  4. financial supervision platforms, such as education subsidy and fund supervision, linked to WeChat Pay;
  5. Big Data Platform, Identity Middle Platform, Data Middle Platform and Business Middle Platform, etc;
  6. AI courses and laboratories, based on Enlightening School and Tencent Coding.