"FINEXPO" Will Be Initially Incorporated in "CIFTIS"

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  Initiated in 2005, the Beijing International Finance Expo (FINEXPO) is the largest, most influential, and most internationalized finance expo in China, known as the "No. 1 Finance Expo in China", and is the vane of China's financial industry.

  In 2020, FINEXPO will be initially incorporated in the 2020 "CIFTIS" as the feature of financial services, with the theme of "New Finance, New Opening-up, and New Development", focusing on enhancing the internationalization and innovation of the expo and highlighting the new trend of trade in international finance services. Events in following three aspects will be held in FINEXPO this year: exhibition and presentation, forum exchange, and project signing.

  In terms of exhibition and presentation, FINEXPO will highlight the capital's financial function positioning and development characteristics. Currently, it is initially considered to be displayed in the following seven aspects: 1. The connectivity of financial services under the "Belt and Road" Initiative, and the integrated development and open cooperation of global financial markets under the global impact of COVID-19. 2. New trends and new forms of the global financial industry in the future. In particular, financing of small and micro enterprises led and assisted by financial technology, digital currency exploration, and innovative development achievements of financial institutions. 3. The results achieved by "introduction" of foreign-funded financial institutions and "going out" of Chinese financial institutions in the context of the new round of financial opening up of China. 4. The upgrading of the convenience of cross-border financial services, the improvement of financial infrastructure and financial regulatory environment. 5. The exploration of financial governance guided by the concept of green finance. Implementation of the ESG (responsible investment) principle and enhancement of the sustainability of the financial industry. 6. The development trends in global asset allocation, wealth management and other industries, as well as new opportunities for asset management institutions and investors in the context of globalization. 7. Development of global inclusive finance. It will focus on improving the inclusiveness and availability of financial services. Especially, the world has continued to strengthen financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises under the impact of the epidemic, the Chinese government and other parties actively have helped small and medium-sized enterprises to overcome difficulties, and provided financial assistance for poverty alleviation. The China Finance Annual Forum 2020 will also be held during the China International Fair for Trade in Services.