Rebuilding World Tourism for Prosperity – Countdown to the opening of the World Conference on Tourism Cooperation and Development

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-21


  The World Conference on Tourism Cooperation and Development with the theme of "Rebuilding World Tourism for Prosperity" will be hosted by the WTCF during the CIFTIS in September 2020. The conference is an important conference held at a critical moment of global tourism recovery against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also one of the four key events among a total of 153 meetings and forums in the twelve sectors of trade and services planned for this year’s CIFTIS. It is also the only conference held by international organizations during CIFTIS.

  The conference consists of an opening ceremony, keynote speeches, the release of research achievements, theme forums, the tourism investment and financing conference and the special program titled "Insight of Professionals". There will be more than 50 speakers and about 300 representatives attending the conference onsite including representative members of the WTCF, heads of international organizations, ambassadors to China, heads of famous tourism groups and the heads of investment organizations. In addition, members of the WTCF from 75 countries and regions, more than 150 tourist cities, tourism-related enterprises and other online participants will also attend the conference online. During the conference, forums will be organized to discuss “Tourism as a Catalyst for the Revitalization of the World Economy”, and “New Normal of Tourism amid COVID-19”, and release research achievements Action Plan for the Recovery and Revitalization of Tourism Cities under the Backdrop of COVID-19 Outbreak and Report on World Tourism Recovery and Development amid COVID-19. The Conference aims to explore the innovative mode of urban tourism recovery and revitalization under the impact of COVID-19, provide strategic and trend analyses for global urban tourism recovery, promote the rebound and development of the sector, and jointly create a new situation for its restoration worldwide. The impact of COVID-19 will lead to new adjustments and changes in demand in the future, which will inevitably affect the changes in product supply and tourism investment. The World Tourism Cities Investment & Financing Conference held during the session will explore the reformative direction of investment and financing, the key point of reshaping the industry after COVID-19. There will also be a signing part to build a tourism investment and financing transaction platform for respective enterprises. In addition, during the CIFTIS, WTCF will adopt the new mode of “online and offline” exhibitions for the first time, set up booths to introduce the developmental history of the organization, display its paramount academic research achievements, promote the substantial resources of its members, advocate the cooperative development of tourism cities and build an important platform for international exchanges in Beijing. WTCF hopes to share diverse views of the industry, provide intellectual support for the recovery of 223 members from 75 countries and regions after COVID-19, as well as deliver the collective voice of the sector to the world, gather its strength, boost its confidence, and promote the prosperity and growth of global tourism once again.