Highlights of Health & Wellness International Forum

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-21


  During the BITE 2020, the "Health & Wellness International Forum” will be jointly hosted by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. With the theme of "Health & Wellness Tourism – A New Start for Global Health", the forum aims to discuss how to make use of health & wellness resources to revitalize the tourism economy under the background of post-epidemic prevention and control, promote the integration of service trade and goods trade relying on the "Internet + service" model, and promote the development of the massive health industry, thus realizing a new development pattern with the main role of domestic circulation and mutual promotion of domestic and international circulation.

  This forum features a lot of highlights.

  I. Building an international forum

  Under the impact of COVID-19, major countries in the world once closed their borders, bringing great pressure to the development of international health & wellness tourism. However, with the successful implementation of China's anti-epidemic policies, China has taken the lead in entering the stage of comprehensive work resumption.

  On the one hand, the Chinese government provides the people of the world with a Chinese plan to fight the epidemic, and sends medical rescue teams to friendly countries to practice the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind. On the other hand, China's economy recovery allows China to become the world's most eye-catching international health & wellness tourism destination in the post-epidemic era.

  This forum also features international highlights. The forum specially invites representatives from various countries who are committed to the promotion of overseas traditional Chinese medicine culture and health tourism industries to give video congratulatory messages, including Dr. Ramon (Spain), the founding vice chairman of the European Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Mr. Anton Staudinger (Germany), the German president of the China-Germany Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine (Munich), and Malus, the president of the China Southeast European Business Association (Croatia), Dr. Guo Mo (Gabon) from Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  In addition, the forum also plans to invite Giusi Condorelli, Health Commissioner of the Italian Embassy in China, as a guest to speak at the opening ceremony to introduce China's assistance to Italy in fighting the epidemic.

  At the signing ceremony, the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies will sign a framework agreement on cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine health tourism with the Association of Thai Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Finnish Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, respectively. Through the preliminary communication, both parties have the intention of cooperation, which also shows that in the post-epidemic era, the demand for international health & wellness tourism remains strong.

  II. Distinctive characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine

  Traditional Chinese medicine is China's unique medical resource and cultural resource, and has played a significant role especially during the prevention and treatment of the COVID-19.

  The forum will invite academician Zhang Boli to give a keynote speech on the prevention and treatment of the COVID-19 with traditional Chinese medicine and the cultivation of good health habits for citizens, and invite academician Wu Yiling to give a keynote speech on the leading role of Yiling Pharmaceutical's health & wellness business in Hebei.

  III. Highlighting the leading role of the forum policy

  At the opening ceremony of the forum, leaders from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be invited to attend and deliver speeches.

  In addition, the forum sets up a sofa seminar to discuss the three topics: the health & wellness tourism model during the regular epidemic situation, the difficulties and obstacles in the development of the health & wellness tourism industry, and how to promote the new development pattern of domestic and international circulation of health & wellness tourism under the current situation. The sofa seminar will invite the heads of top domestic enterprises and institutions of health & wellness tourism and the directors of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and the Beijing Municipal Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine to strengthen policy guidance at a macro level.

  IV. Integration of online livestreaming and offline forums

  This forum combines offline forums with online livestreaming in both Chinese and English. In order to comply with the epidemic prevention and control regulations, there will be 80 participants in the offline forum and no less than 3,000 participants in the online global livestreaming.

  In terms of online display, the Organizing Committee provides enterprises with a platform for cloud exhibitions. The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies simultaneously opens the traditional Chinese medicine health tourism network service platform to display online high-quality products and services of enterprises.

  At the same time, it also provides offline exhibition channels for enterprises.

  V. Authoritative information release

  The press release of the China World Heritage Tourism Promotion Alliance (Taining) Conference and the promotion of cultural, tourism and health products of the "China Green Capital · Sanming” will also take place at the forum.

  In addition, it plans to release a promotional video on Beijing's health and wellness tourism resources to show the development achievements of Beijing's health and wellness tourism.