Football Industry development Sub-forum

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-28


  Agenda of Football Industry development Sub-forum

  Sponsor Unit: Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports

  Organizer: China Sports Industry International

  Forum time: 9:00-11:30,September 7, 2020

  Venue: Room 403, Floor 4, National Convention Center

  Forum theme: Football Industry Development

  Moderator: Jin Wei, Host of BTV "Everyday Sports"

  Sub-forum Agenda:

  Video playback:

  1. Jose Gontijo, Vice Minister of Science and Technology of Brazil.

  2. Mauricio Fernanedz, Chairman of Brazilian Sports Federation.

  3. Antonio Caputo, Head of Institutional and Government Relations Department, Brazilian Export Investment Promotion Agency.

  4. Ruben Cano, Director of Overseas Affairs, Real Football Association, Madrid, Spain.

  Guest Dialogue Agenda:

  1. Football Industry Development.

  2. International Football Industry and Multilateral Exchanges.

  3. Popularization of Football and Cultivation of Fan Culture.

  4. Construction of Reserve Talents for Football Competitive Sports.

  Dialogue guests:

  1. Zhang Lu, Former Vice Chairman of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Football Club and Famous Football Commentator.

  2. Liu Jun, Executive Committee of Chinese Football Association, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Beijing Football Association.

  3. Yao Jiamei, Deputy Secretary-General of Beijing Dongcheng District Football Association, Former Senior Sports Editor and Sports Journalist of China National Radio-Yangguang. Com,.

  4. Ren Dingmeng, Vice President of Chinese Football Kinematics Institute of Beijing Sport University.

  5. Chu Yunxiang, Director of Chinese Football Youth Training, Spain HLK Football Club.