Sports Services Project Promotion

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-28


  A number of sports service projects with good development prospects and strong demonstration role appeared in the promotion meeting. The digital platform of CIFTIS provides online registration and transaction demand information release services for exhibitors and professional visitors, and an on-site negotiation area is set up in the exhibition area under the sports service line, so that both suppliers and demanders can complete match making. Key projects have been compiled and continuously tracked and updated, providing reference data and cutting-edge information for the further integration and development of China's sports industry.

  Agenda of Sports Services Project Promotion

  Sponsor Unit: Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports

  Organizer: China Sports Industry International

  Forum time: 13:30-17:00,September 6, 2020,

  Venue: Lecture hall on the third floor of the National Convention Center

  Promotion meeting agenda:

  14:00-14:15 Aviation Sports Entertainment Flying

  Recommended company: Beijing Hezhong Jiuzhou General Aviation Co., Ltd.

  14:15-14:30 Application of Sports Science and Technology in Professional Sports

  Promotion company: Catapult Sports Technology Beijing Co.,Ltd

  14:30-14:45 Open a new era of intelligent fitness

  Promotion Company: Beijing Thirty Minutes Culture Media Co., Ltd.

  14:45-15:00 Energy Saving+ Intelligence- International Standard Comprehensive Sports Venue

  Promotion company: Bafo Group of Finland

  15:00-15:15 Intelligent Sleep and Functional Recovery concerning Athelets

  Recommended company: Beijing Boshi Lianchuang Technology Co., Ltd.

  15:15-15:30 Spain FOOTBALL HLK Youth Training Management System and Football Online Cloud Platform

  Promotion company: Spain HLK Football Club

  15:30-15:45 Intelligent Basketball Court

  Recommended company: Shanghai Xiaodian Network Technology Co., Ltd.

  15:45-16:00 New Development Trends of Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Technology for International High-level Athletes

  Recommended company: Beijing Soreha China Co.,Ltd.

  16:00-16:15 Sports+ Tourism+ Education

  Recommended company: Beijing Le'en Jiaye Sports Development Co.,Ltd.

  16:15-16:30 Intelligent Swimming Pool Featured Modular Integration(The Solution of System of Anti-drowning into the Campus)

  Recommended company: Guangzhou Yinghui Sports Development Co., Ltd.

  16:30-16:45 The Enterprise-establishing of North Education Equipments Innovation Industry City

  Recommended company:Shandong Tonghong Education Equipments Industry Development  Co., Ltd.

  16:30-17:00 Contract Signing

  17:00-17:30 Business Communication and Exchange