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2020 CIFTIS Sports Services

2020 CIFTIS Sports Services

Display online and offline synchronously, highlight new technologies, connect industrial chains, embody transculturation, advocate new style, empower fitness fervor, and enhance interaction

Theme: Openness, innovation, wisdom and integration

Principles: Demand orientated, application oriented and service oriented 

Contents: Exhibition and display, forums and conferences, trade matching and supporting activities 

Goals: Extend industrial chains of sports, unleash passion effect of sports, lead development directions of sports industries, promote flow of production factors of sports, and realize a moderately prosperous society and empower economic development by developing sports industries. 

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Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports: Wang Zeng 010-87244900   13718466412

Organizer (China National Sports Group): Zhang Yanjie: 18511528577; Xiang Chunrong: 010-67010265 ext. 526   13141331487