High-tech Products to Be Displayed at the Sports Services Thematic Exhibition of the 2020 CIFTIS

Source:    |      Date:2020-08-30



  The 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (“CIFTIS”) will be held early next month in Beijing. It is learned yesterday that, a batch of high-tech products will be exhibited at the Sports Services Thematic Exhibition, one of the eight thematic exhibitions of the 2020 CIFTIS.

  CPT, as a high-tech enterprise that provides innovative sports technology and sports nutrition products and services to professional athletes and mass fitness fans, will showcase its information platform for the first time at this CIFTIS. Zhu Yu, Deputy General Manager of Professional Sports Division of the company, described a scene: a visitor enters relevant information on the machine according to their personal needs, and a personalized menu will be printed out within a few seconds. With this menu, the visitor can receive food models at the booth, and after they recognize these food models through an image recognition robot, these foods will be categorized. He said, "We hope to make visitors experience smart restaurants more completely through the CIFTIS.”

  The "smart restaurant" mentioned by Zhu Yu is the exhibition highlight of CPT at this CIFTIS – "Reasonable Diet and Nutrition Management System for Athletes". Based on authoritative nutrition research theories at home and abroad and rooted in CPT's years of technical scientific research and service achievements of sports teams, this system supported by training, evaluation, monitoring, and intervention data effectively integrates sports nutrition, sports training, function monitoring, weight control and other sports scientific research technologies with the latest information-based IoT smart technologies, such as image recognition, face recognition, IoT communications, cloud computing, big data, smart hardware. It is the industry's first sports nutrition management system. Since its launch on the market, the system has assisted many sports enterprises and scientific research guarantee institutions in achieving personalized scientific catering, nutrition monitoring and analysis, and nutrition education. It has broken the space and geographical restrictions of sports science and technology service, and has greatly improved the efficiency of sports scientific research, thus is highly recognized.

  In addition, CPT will also showcase its digital information platforms such as the scientific training management platform for athletes, as well as its cutting-edge sports technology service concepts on the CIFTIS. Li Qigeng, General Manager of CPT, hoped to demonstrate the company's strength through the CIFTIS, and continuously upgrade the company's information platform through extensive communication with industry experts and scholars. She said, "We have achieved success in the sports system. In the future, we will apply the system to enterprises and institutions, universities and even families.”

  Beijing Matrix Technologies Co., Ltd. (MatrixTech) will display "ultra-high-performance superposition-state materials” at this CIFTIS. Zhong Feipeng, CTO of the company, introduced that ultra-high-performance materials are a type of scientific and technological achievements that integrate molecular superposition, functional superposition, energy efficiency superposition, physical superposition, and multidisciplinary superposition. These materials are characterized by heat insulation, heat preservation, breathability, antibacterial, moisture absorption, quick-drying, lightness, safety, and environmental protection. Clothing made of ultra-high-performance superposition-state materials can increase the thermal insulation effect by 5 times whereas the thickness is reduced by 80%. "It's a great honor for us to participate in the CIFTIS. Only with such an international platform can we release our technologies to users and consumers around the world." Zhong Feipeng said, "Through the thematic exhibition, we will let customers at home and abroad get to know our new materials and their applicable fields. With this platform, we are full of confidence.”