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About China (Beijing) International Cultural Industry Expo

ICIE was initiated in 2006. It is approved by the State Council, sponsored by the Publishers Association of China and the China Cultural Industry Association, co-organized by a total of 30 units affiliated to the Beijing Municipal Committee, and undertaken by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing. The large-scale international cultural industry event, held regularly in Beijing every year, has been held for 14 consecutive years so far. It has become an important platform for displaying the image of national civilization to the world, enhancing cultural self-confidence domestically, and leading the demonstration of national cultural construction.

About Parallel Sessions

ICIE, adhering to the concept of “based on Beijing, serving the whole country, and facing the world”, relying on the integrated advantages of cultural talents, cultural facilities, cultural headquarters and cultural capital, demonstrates development achievements of China's cultural industry, through the "six in one" activity structure of comprehensive activities, exhibitions, promotion and transactions, forum meetings, creative activities and parallel sessions. Through promoting China's excellent traditional culture, driving the deep integration, transformation and upgrading of industries, giving impetus to regional collaborative innovation, and enhancing international exchanges and cooperation, ICIE has left a strong mark in the history of the great development of China's cultural industry. In the process of initiation, cultivation and rapid development of Beijing's cultural industry, ICIE has played an important role in demonstration, radiation and leading. It has made positive contributions in promoting the construction of national cultural center.

According to incomplete statistics, the previous 14 cultural fairs attracted international organizations from the United Nations, the European Union, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the International Olympic Committee, the Association International du Film d'Animation and other international organizations, 776 government and corporate delegation groups from more than 100 countries and regions, as well as 19828 foreign professionals. 

Past Fairs Review