Intl. Trade in Services Fair: China vows further action to open up economy as expo wraps up in Beijing

Source:CGTN    |      Date:2020-09-11


  The six-day International Fair for Trade in Services comes to a close today. Government officials and global business leaders say it's the beginning for more opening-up and cooperation. CGTN's Sun Ye has more.

  It's China's first major trade event since the pandemic began and all eyes are on the results

  YAN LIGANG Head of Beijing Commerce Bureau "We're seeing positive results, despite the pandemic and a volatile world economy. This serves as a window of opportunity. It expresses our willingness to open up and sends a positive signal for globalization and cooperation. China is willing to work with other countries to create an open and inclusive environment."

  XIAN GUOYI Director-General, Trade in Services & Commercial Services Chinese Commerce Ministry "There have been bright themes, rich content, and fruitful results from the 190 forum discussions."

  China's capital Beijing said it would take a lead in the service sector, establishing the country's first free trade zone for science innovation and the digital economy. China's financial regulator promised more opening up and a consistent and transparent policy environment. Commerce departments, international businesses and top think-tankers came together to create a network for better cooperation.

  SUN YE Beijing "At the opening of CIFTIS, President Xi Jinping promised China would step up opening up to the world, and work more with the rest of the world for a 'shared prosperity'. As the fair closes, participants say they believe those efforts are starting to show. SY, CGTN, BJ."