China services trade fair opportunity for Argentina's export, says expert

Source:En_people_cn    |      Date:2020-09-15


  BUENOS AIRES, Sept. 10 (Xinhua) -- The China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) offers an ideal opportunity for Argentina to boost its exports of value-added goods and get closer to Chinese consumers, President of Argentina's National Industrial Technology Institute (INTI) Ruben Geneyro said.

  INTI, one of the numerous companies participating in the fair that was held in Beijing on Sept. 4-9, views the Chinese market as an opportunity to spur Argentina's development.

  It is very important for INTI to learn about what the Chinese market demands today, Geneyro told Xinhua.

  Through the fair, INTI is showcasing its high quality technological services to the world, especially China, and "we offer such services as technical assistance, analytical services, tests, knowledge transfer and training," Geneyro said.

  The institute has previously cooperated with several entities from China, including the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Geneyro added.

  INTI is interested in intensifying its cooperation with China, "with special emphasis on the development of agrifood, biotechnology, nanotechnology, industry with a high educational level, sustainable production and energy," said the expert.

  Currently, INTI is leading research to contain COVID-19 and treat COVID-19 patients.

  China, he noted, has often expressed its willingness to cooperate with different countries, including Argentina, to combat the pandemic.

  "We are particularly interested in working on services which have been applied to the prevention and control of the coronavirus," said the INTI head.

  The institute has nearly 50 branches across Argentina, with over 2,000 professionals and technicians and 150 ongoing research and development projects.