The 5th CIFTIS successfully held the African theme day activity

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  On May 30, the African Theme Day Forum hosted by the organizing committee of China Africa Industrial Forum was held in the 5th CIFTIS. With the theme of "Jointly Building African Markets", this African Theme Day Forum released policies and exchanged information on African service trade, and introduced projects through multimedia presentations, keynote speeches and question-and-answer.

  The African Theme Day activity exhibited programs and products in fields of industry, agriculture, tourism, communication, finance and investment facilitation, logistics, technology, green development, peace and security with a meeting area set up in the activity section for signing ceremonies of project cooperation.

  Cheng Tao, former director of the African Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in his speech that Africa has great potentials for development, over years of mutual trust, China and Africa have been sharing governing experiences and jointly exploring the paths of rapid development that are in line with respective national conditions to realize common development, mutual benefit and win-win results. China's talent and management experience has a large market in the African continent, and the cooperation between Chinese and African companies in the continent enjoys a brilliant future.

  Cheng Zhigang, Secretary-General of China Africa Industrial Forum, presented the achievements of economic and trade cooperation between China and Africa by statistics. According to the statistics, by the end of 2018, the trade volume between China and Africa will reach USD200 billion, which covers more than 100 investment projects in numerous fields. Meanwhile, this December will be the 10th anniversary of China Africa Industrial Forum. In the past decade, the forum has signed agreements of more than USD30 billion with up to 500 cooperation projects, and facilitated more than 600 Chinese companies to enter Africa.

  In the meantime, Tunisian ambassador Dhia KHALED said that he hoped more Chinese companies can invest in Tunisia and the country will introduce a series of incentives and preferential measures for investment from China. Zimbabwe's Ambassador Paul Chikawa expressed his expectation for Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and his gratitude to China Africa Industrial Forum for its contribution to China-Africa bilateral relations over the past decade. Deputy Ambassador of Gambia Fatou Kinneh Jobe said that Gambia has enjoyed rapid urban and economic development and he hoped that Chinese companies can invest in the country.

  During the forum, China and Africa also held the launching ceremony of China-Africa Agricultural Cooperation Alliance. Secretary General of China Africa Industrial Forum Cheng Zhigang, former Director of the African Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cheng Tao, former Ambassador to Benin Tao Weiguang, Ambassador of Zimbabwe and Deputy Ambassador of Gambia cut the ribbon for the ceremony together.

  It was reported, as one of the important parts of CIFTIS events, African exhibitors, African Theme Day Forum which has been held for two years, are the center of policy release and information exchange in African trade in services. The forum was attended by more than 30 African ambassadors, counselors and envoys to China, and over 100 representatives from Chinese and African enterprises. The attendees of the forum also included about 200 representatives from enterprises in African exhibition area of CIFTIS, supporting and cooperation units, council member and member units of China Africa Industrial Forum.