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Volunteer Services

Source:ThisWebsite    |      Date:2020-06-14    


  The volunteers' smile is the best business card in Beijing. Since Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the volunteers have been seen in activities at all levels, from national competitions and ceremonies to community-level public benefit activities, who have encouraged the public to start small to engage in and promote the voluntary services.

  The volunteer recruitment and management work has been organized and implemented by the China Communist Youth League Beijing Committee since the 1st CIFTIS. The volunteers are recruited in the mode of "organizational mobilization and social recruitment," and the service items are published on the information platform of "Beijing Volunteer Service Federation". The volunteers are mainly students of finical and economic universities in Beijing, working on some 50 posts of 7 working groups (Overall Coordination and Secretarial Group, Female Guest Working Group, Overseas Guest Working Group, Publicity Group, Exhibition Group, Security Group and Finance Group)